Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos! (and yes, the "!" is part of their name - something about balancing out the "L" in the beginning of the name) rocked the 9:30 Club! I left work too late to catch the opening act - Girls, but Los Campesinos! made up for it! The boys (4) and girls (3 of them) from Cardiff, Wales can play! We were treated to a couple of new songs, but from the crowd noise and the accent I couldn't catch the song names, but they also threw in all the old favorites too, including one of my favorites - You! Me! Dancing! By the end of the night Gareth was loosing his voice and even apologized for "the disintegration" of his voice. After his voice broke he started dancing out into the audience and Tom went crowd surfing while playing his guitar. And of course the crowd went wild. The show ended with Gareth walking through the crowd to the merch booth while the rest of the band put down their instruments and walked off stage with pure lovely noise trailing off.