The Rumpus ("Let the wild rumpus start!" edition)

A repost of "The Rumpus" a monthly (or so) email by John Anderson
*11/19 stellastarr* at the RnRH. As they usually are, they were great a couple of months ago around the time of the album’s release, and for those who couldn’t be there last time (yes, I’m looking at you, Murph), now you’ve got another chance to get it right. Listen to the irresistibly catchy “Graffiti Eyes” from the new album at their MySpace.

11/20 Bruce Springsteen @ (Baltimore). The penultimate show of the tour, which means this is virtually guaranteed to be a hot one. Watch “London Calling,” his Glastonbury opener, at the official website. Performing Born to Run in its entirety. Sold out.

*11/20 The Wrens @ the Black Cat. Earlier this year I (essentially) proclaimed the Wrens to be “the apotheosis, the alpha and omega of indie rock bands” in my glowing review of one of their SXSW sets. Here’s your chance to find out why. Unless, y’know, you’ll be seeing Springsteen in Baltimore that night. (Damn you, scheduling gods! Why must you stick it to me so very often??) Listen to “She Sends Kisses”.

*12/1 Josh Ritter @ the 9:30. His last appearance at the club was two years ago, and it was a brilliant, ebullient show with the band accompanied by a four-piece horn section. Will the horns join him again this time? There’s only one way to find out. Listen to “To the Dogs of Whoever.”

*12/2 The Teen Hearts at Ottobar. They go on first, so don’t let the fact that it’s in Baltimore keep you away since it needn’t be a late night. Infectious indie dance rock that all but demands that you surrender to its charms. Their insanely catchy EP is among my most listened-to records of the year … and it only just came out in June. Listen to “Hands in the Air” or “Hollywood Hearts” and prepare for awesomeness.

*12/12 The Pietasters @ the 9:30. Between the two shows I’ve seen them play this year, D.C.’s hometown ska heroes have played almost every song from their first two albums, so does that mean that this show will be all about album #3? I dunno, but while we ponder that, why not listen to “Out All Night,” from their third album … after all, it’s the single that should’ve made ‘em a household name.

*NOT a John show, but Sean's suggestion instead - 12/26 Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers @ the 9:30. I caught Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers while at the GABF in Denver this year playing with Carbon Leaf. I have to say the Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers set was just as strong if not better than Carbon Leaf! Listen to Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts off their new album, The Bear.

*1/29 Owl City @ the Recher Theatre. As I mentioned before seeing them last month, if you’re jonesing for another Postal Service record, believe me, you may consider Owl City to be your methadone. Listen to “Fireflies” or “Cave In” and find out why. Most surprising aspect of this sugary synthtastic sweetness in a live setting? Strings!

*2/17 Tegan & Sara @ the Warner Theatre. Their new album drops Tuesday. Can it top their incredible last release, The Con? I don’t know, but my copy has been pre-ordered from Amazon and I can’t wait to find out. Listen to “Hell.” On sale now at Live Nation.

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