Is a Cowboy Mouth show a religious experience? It is if done right!

Yes, a Cowboy Mouth show is about being alive. It's about not caring about what other people think of you and being true to yourself. It's about truly enjoying the moment you are in. Or to borrow from Fred, "it is one big communal orgasm!"

I have some friends who wouldn't go to a Cowboy Mouth show because the "music doesn't meet their standards."  All I can say to them is you don't listen to a Cowboy Mouth show as much as you experience the show. It isn't even that the show is on stage, it is more like one large performance art experiment with Fred guiding us, the audience, in the performance. You pay for the privilege, for just a few short hours, to be part of something bigger than yourself. Bigger than a "show" that you passively stand with your arms folded listening. You and your closest 1,000 friends get to experience and participate in something that is pure joy. In what some might describe, if not a religious experience, at least as an Epiphany.