What tickets do you have on your frig for January?

With the New Year comes the thaw of new shows (I wish this cold snap was thawing too!)!  The frig has quite a few tickets on it for up coming shows again (just noticed the last half of this month is packed with shows).  Just in January alone I already have 4 shows lined up.  

Coming up this Saturday, the 16th, Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem will be playing at the Black Cat.  I have high hopes for this show since, though good, the last full-band Gaslight show I saw last year had something missing; it just wasn't inspired or something.  Hard to explain. My friend John suggests listening to "Here's Lookin' At You, Kid" for a taste of the acoustic experience.  
The just three days later, on Tuesday the 19th, The Cribs will be playing the 9:30 Club.  And now with Johnny Marr as the forth member
Then just two days later, on the 21st, Locksley is playing at Iota.   I first saw Locksley when they opened for, and later backed up, Ray Davies at the 9:30 Club just about a year ago now.

And finally on Friday, Jan 29th, to close out the month, Cowboy Mouth is playing the 9:30 Club! Which should be a ruckus good time for all.  If you have never seen a Cowboy Mouth show you are missing out in life.  Get your rear end to the 9:30 Club and experience what is one of the best live shows ever!