Peter Wolf at the State Theatre

Peter Wolf put on quite the show at the State Theatre (hey, that is how they spell it)!  Peter was in a bluesy mood and had dedications to Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and many others I forgot to write down.  I thought I would most enjoy the old J. Giles Band classics, but I have to say, his new stuff was sounding good.  Too bad we didn't have Neko Case or Shelby Lynn at the show, but the songs were still excellent. 

After two encores and over 2 hours later the band left the stage.  And remember that Peter is 64 and still rockin' like that!

More photos for the show are on my flickr site. 


  1. Hi Sean,

    I'm from the UK and was at the show Sunday. Just this minute got back home. I was in the balcony at the back. Wolf was incredible that night as were the band. Did you get the name of the support act? Pattie? Patty? something? We got some exclusives at the show.... Pete performing 'Serves You Right To Suffer', the band jamming together at the end and Patty joining Pete on 'Tragedy'.. Wish i could afford to see more shows. I'll have some video on my site later.



  2. Found her. Patty Reese.


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