Dr Dog at the 9:30 Club Jan. 29, 2011

The openers for Dr Dog were a perfect to complement.  You know how you go to some shows and the open acts have a totally different sound than the headliner or a total different style?  Well neither The Head and the Heart nor Buried Beds were Dr. Dog sound alikes, but they both were perfect compliments.  And they both had great sets. I'd see either again if they came back and headlined their own show.

Now Dr. Dog... well, Dr. Dog... what can I say, it was awesome! It was two (2) hours of awesomeness! Dr. Dog put on one of the best live shows I have seen in quite a while.  Like, I'd put that show up with the last shows I saw by the The National and The Hold Steady (two of the highlights for me in 2010).  Maybe even up there with a DBT show or a good drunk Lucero show (what can I say, I like them better when we're both drinking).  

Dr. Dog jumped right into the set strong Mirror, Mirror, but about 7 songs in they pulled out Shadow People and I thought the crowd was going to loose their mind! And this went on for over two hours with just a short break.  Dr. Dog knows how to put on a show!

More photos (238 of them to be exact) of the show can be seen at: