Jeff Tweedy at the Lincoln Theater Dec 7, 2010

I learned that just because the show is GA that it does not mean there is standing room on the floor or... anywhere...  I learned the hard way that the Lincoln Theater has seats everywhere, no standing room anywhere. Which means I ended up way up in the balcony... lesson learned.   

Even in the balcony this was one of the most enjoyable Jeff Tweedy shows I've seen!  Tweedy seemed to be in an excellent mood and was actually talkative. He gave us over 90 minutes of awesomeness - "Kidsmoke," "I am Trying to Break Your Heart," "Via Chicago," messing up the lyrics (and then picking on himself) on "Remember the Mountain Bed," "Muzzle of Bees," "Hummingbird," a short version of "Impossible German," screwed up his capo on "ETL" and ended up trying to sing it a half-step higher than normal, and ended the set on, one of my all time favorites, "I'm the Man Who Loves You."  

But there was even more! I am not a huge fan of the Autumn Defense, but I have to admit I enjoyed it when they came out and joined Tweedy for the encore. And I love how Tweedy ended the show by coming out to the very edge of the stage by himself and sang an un-amplified Uncle Tupelo song, "Acuff Rose" (thank you to the for the set list, I had no idea what the last song was but I was mesmerized and knew we had just seen something special).

I was up in the balcony, so wasn't able to get any shots, but some great photos by Erica Bruce can be found here.

Update!  They have a podcast of the show up on the Wilco web site.  Nice!  (Thank you Cusa, for the heads up! :-) )