Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet vs iPad2 vs ?

It's cyber Monday, so right about now people are getting tired of work and looking to waste some time till they can escape at 5PM. Time to go shopping on-line, right?  And one of the most popular electronic gifts this year is going to be tablets - either souped up e-readers like the Nook Tablet or the Kindle Fire, or full on tablets.  What to buy? It's a crowed field with over 9 options out there by my count at multiple price points and with a range of features. 

If you are mainly reading, playing on facebook, and checking a little email, from what I have seen first hand and read the Nook Tablet ($250) is the way to go.  I've heard apps seem to work better on the Nook also, even though they seem to have less apps then the Fire.   If you want music and movies (or if you are a Amazon Prime member) then the Kindle Fire ($199) is probably for you.  And other than those two nothing else in the sub-$499 price range is worth buying.  I wouldn't waste my money for anything else but the Nook Tablet or the Fire at the low end. 

But if you can pop $499 then no one has ever hated the iPad2.  Except... I personally don't like reading on it as well as my old Kindle.  The iPad screen has too much glare for me and it's just too big for reading, serious reading.  Other than that I love the iPad2. 

The Droid tablets are fine - I honestly like my Galaxy Tab.  But, so far, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is really the only serious also ran to the iPad2.  The Motorola Xoom has some great features.  And there are multiple other also rans out there but none of them has much market share nor features that stand out.  After a year of comparing, I have to say, if you are looking for a tablet then get the one everyone else is copying - just buy an iPad2. 

Does that help at all?