Nada Surf - a celebratory end of a tour

We arrived late to the show, after the opening act even, so I was shocked with how empty Rams Head Live in Baltimore was, in contrast to the packed sold out show at the 9:30 Club in DC just two months earlier. What's up with that Baltimore? Rams Head even had the second and third floors closed off and the floor still seem kinda light. But Nada Surf was in a "celebratory" mood for the tour ending show and rocked the crowd they had. We got the usual crowd favorites and few unexpected gifts also. But, the most awesome part of the night for me was, after the encore (with the usual 'bring the audience up on stage to close out the encore'), Matthew gave the few of us left, maybe 30 people, an extra special gift - he came down to the floor (later joined by Ira) and played an acoustic striped down version of Fruit Fly for us. Just impromptu, didn't seem planned, just a gift to us. Pretty cool, huh :-)