Drive by Truckers and the Alabama Shakes?

At first I thought this was a strange pairing - DBT opening for Alabama Shakes? Is there much cross over? Will the rabid DBT fan eat the Alabama Shake fans? I've been to some DBT shows that started two hours late and the crowd was so drunk half of us couldn't hardly stand up. It was at a DBT show where I was asked by a total stranger to punch him in the face - like I was doing him a favor. But those days seem to be past - the audience was well controlled by the great people at Merriweather (and the 930 Club) and I don't even think I saw a bottle of jack onstage during the DBT set.

The DBT opened the show strong and play a nice mix - some classics some new. Great energy for being on so early. I think it was mainly an Alabama Shakes audience but DBT held their own and entertained. Their show works well in such a large venue.

Then Brittany and the Alabama Shakes hit the stage and the crowd lost their mind. Her voice is so unique - my wife says it's a cross of Billy Holiday and AC/DC. Brittany entertained us for 90 minutes straight and not only does she have an awesome voice but she tears up that guitar! She is such a multitalented entertainer. Loved the show.

Hold on....