Gary Clark Jr and the Killers at the Dreamforce Gala

To me Gary Clark Jr and the Killers stole the show at the Dreamforce Gala.

I've heard Gary Clark Jr before but I've never seen him live. He was incredible. Great stage presence and an awesome entertainer. He had the tough job of being on stage first while many of the Dreamforce attendees were still arriving. This was actually good for me because the tens of thousands people that finally arrived for the Foo Fighters (who were great in their own right don't get me wrong) were not rushing the stage for Gary Clark Jr. I was able to join after he had started his set and was still able to get within 30 feet or so of the stage. It was so worth it. I thought he was incredible. And the sounds he can coach out of that guitar were insane! I need to go see him when he is in the DC area next so I can see his normal set.