Grado SR325e headphones

As I said in my last post, after a certain point, headphones are like wine, depending on my mood or what I am eating I might pick a different wine. Or what I love, you might think sucks.  Headphones are like that too, so what I love you may not - everyone has their own taste. 

Brent Butterworth on said "Grado is to the headphone world what Subaru is to the automotive world: It's not for everyone, but those who like it really, really like it."  Well I guess I am one of them because I really really like the sound.  

Grado Labs says the "new SR325e has a new driver and cable design. The added mass from the metal housing minimizes transient distortions. With the new 8 conductor cable design you will notice superb control and stability of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum, with both supporting Grado's world renowned midrange. The SR325e will produce a sound that is pure Grado, with warm harmonic colors, rich full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics, and an ultra-smooth top end."

I've had the Grado SR325e headphones for a little over a week now and I am impressed. 

To me they are headphones, so you start with the sound! I find the Grado SR325e spacious with a great soundstage.  I've listened to music I thought I knew well and heard new intricacies I had forgotten were there. I have another pair of open-back headphones that I thought were great before, but now they seem "muddy" (that's the best description that comes to mind) on some songs when compared to the Grado SR325e. Most reviewers would say that Grado's are not bass heavy, but most of the music I listen to is more guitar and vocals, not thumping bass. But I don't feel that I am missing anything though. To me they reproduce the sound, across genres, very accurately. They don't artificially boost the bass, but I also don't feel that they skimp either. 

Audio Specs: 
Transducer Type: Dynamic 
Operating Principle: Open Air 
Frequency Response: 18 - 24,000 hz 
SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB 
Nominal Impedance: 32 ohms 
Driver Matched dB: .05 dB

I've read reviews where people have complained about the headphones being too tight, but these fit me fine.  I think I have a normal size head and there is no squeezing or pinching.  And I have wore them in comfort for hours at a time. 
Even when I wear my reading glasses they still worked fine. 
I've also read that some find the cup material that goes around your ear to be itchy. Again, I don't see it.  It's not felt or suede, it's a foam material, but it feels fine.  
And they are really light (but made solid, you know). 

I think the Grado SR325e headphones look great, sound great and are very comfortable. If you are in the market for open back headphones these should definitely be on your short list. 

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