Throw away those white earbuds

I've been very biased about what headphones I've used in the past. And some headphones are better than others. But I've slowly have learned that, after a certain point, headphones are like wine, depending on my mood or what I am eating I might pick a different wine. Or what I love you might think sucks.

Well I don't drink two buck chuck so maybe headphones are just like wine. Spend a few dollars to get something decent, but you don't have to go crazy. The difference between a sub $10 wine and low teens can be huge. But I've had $16 wine that I thought was better than $60 bottles. Headphones seem to be similar.

I'll stick by my assertion that the earbuds Apple includes in the box with your iPhone suck for listening to music. And they do. But you are getting them for "free" and they are fine for calls. I guess they fill a need. (But if you want to use earbuds both Sennheiser and AKG by Harman Kardon sell much better sounding earbuds for under $30.)

For listening to music at my desk nothing beats a pair of open-back headphones - spacious, natural, not too much bass. I've used many different brands and models, but right now I am blown away by the Grado SR325e's that I won (thank you Grado and 9to5toys).  For my listening preferences they are perfect. Spacious with a great soundstage. I can hear every instrument; so much detail. I listened to music I thought I knew well and heard new intricacies I had forgotten were there (or that I just hadn't heard before?). They are not bass heavy, but most of the music I listen to is more guitar and vocals, not thumping bass too often. But for bass heavy music I think you'd be better off with closed back headphones (with big drivers). It's a trade off. For what I listen to 90% of the time and for the sound I am looking for the Grado SR325e's are awesome.  Highly suggested.