Big Star's Tribute to Alex Chilton SXSW 2010

Every SXSW our group all sees the same set for the midnight show on Saturday. Kinda an end of SXSW tradition. So even if we haven't seen a set together all SXSW, for this one show, we are all together.  During the planning before SXSW there were some in the group that was pushing the Bowling for Soup set (ok, maybe that was just me) and some wanted to see the Big Star set, but once we heard the news that Alex Chilton had died we knew we had to go to the Big Star tribute to Alex Chilton.  And I am glad we did.  What a show!  The set included (thank you to the SXSW write up for helping me with a few of the songs I didn't know):

I was worried that with only the few days between Alex's death and the show that no one would have time to prepare and that the show would come off very raw and rough, but they pulled it off.  In the end it was a very fitting tribute!  Just shows what superb artists these guys are.  Rest in peace, Alex...